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Colorist Quandry { 1 }

I absolutely love coloring other artist’s lineart.  I would totally do it for a living if I could.  Usually when I tell people that, they mostly just kinda furrow their brow, or smile politely; probably thinking “Well, anyone over 3 can color”.

I heartily disagree, though explaining why can be difficult.  I guess it all comes down to interpreting the lines.  When coloring your own work, you know what colors go where, how shadows fall, and where your light source is located.  When working on someone else’s stuff, these things usually need to be decided via line width, light/dark balance of the inks, or if the lineart is less detailed, much will need to be improvised.

There’s also the matter of flaws and mistakes in the lines.  Is what you’re looking at even a mistake, or are you just misreading it?  How far do you go to cover the weirdness, if at all?  Afterall, editing the original art seems just a weeee bit shady.

Of course, much of the above can be avoided with some basic communication with your line artist.

Anyway, I actually have no idea what I’m talking about otherwise I would have a job as a colorist.

I would color inside the lines and everything.

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