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My top five big comic books { 0 }

Every comic book fan has certain series or issues that stick out in their mind. Be it because of amazing art, story, or just memories made while reading or purchasing the comic. Here are my top five… not all of them are OMGWTFBBQ amazing, just important to me in one way or another.

Gunslinger Born

The Dark Tower books by Stephen King are probably some of my favorite literature of all time. Yeah, it’s that good. Something about the way it intertwines between all of Stephen King’s work, and brings it all together is simply stunning. The comic book however, is even more awesome. Somehow it takes hundreds of pages worth of story, and condenses it down to a seven issue comic series.

The story takes place during Roland’s youth, and helps explain why he’s the badass he is. Illustrated by Jae Lee and Richard Isanove, this series really seems to rip the images from your imagination (if you’ve already read the book) and splash it onto the page. Isanove’s colors are truly an inspiration to me… definitely try and get this series.


DMZ is a slightly futuristic, gritty “war story” set in New York City. It follows a photographer named Matthew Roth who ventures into the war-torn New York City to cover the events there. Immediately upon arriving, his crew’s helicopter is shot down, leaving him stranded in the middle of a war zone. Whilst there, Matty must learn to adapt, survive, and try and figure out what’s really going on.

Definitely a page turner, with some really brutal and slick art. Good stuff.

Ultimate X-Men/Spider-Man

Marvel’s reimagining of its various comic franchises are all called “Ultimate” what ever. When I was a kid, I often picked up a random X-Men, or Spider-Man issue here and there, but didn’t really have the funds or the attention span to wade through all of the old issues, and try and figure out what was going on. As I grew up, the thought of slogging through all of the history, and numerous story arcs of these two great series didn’t actually sound that fun… especially considering some of the rather corny dialogue and absurd costumes (in X-Men anyway).

When Ultimate X-Men and Spider-Man came out, I was ecstatic. A fresh start (though definitely different from the original), with an updated setting, and slightly younger characters seemed perfect for me. The writing seems a lot snappier overall… though, I should admit I haven’t read any for quite a while, and I remember on multiple occasions just sitting and staring at certain pages boggling at the art.

Purists probably hate the series due to its plot variations, but anyone who hasn’t been reading comics from the age of four, or earlier should definitely give this a shot.


Growing up, I think everyone I knew’s favorite antihero was of course, Wolverine. I don’t know if it was the chic blue and yellow spandex, the gruff catchphrases, or the fact the he really personified badass, but something really pushed our fan boy buttons. One appeal was the fact that no one really knew anything about Wolverine’s past. Was he a samurai? Did he shoot Nazis in the face with Captain America? We knew that all the rumors couldn’t be true about him… but some of them were, right?

Origin answered that for every one. Some people definitely weren’t happy about the answers, though I couldn’t wait to read it. Finally, after all this time… the truth was revealed! Many people felt it was anticlimactic, and I guess it was in a way… the same way Christmas feels after you’ve opened all your presents. It was good, but you didn’t get that Apache helicopter you wanted.

Why is it on my list then? Simply because it’s one of those “historical” comics for me. The secret was revealed, and my questions finally got put to rest.

The Death (and Return) of Superman

Who doesn’t remember the media frenzy surrounding this one? Although, in the end it just turned into an elaborate way to get sales numbers up, the death of Superman was a major event. It was almost blasphemous. Who would dare kill Superman!?

I remember when my father surprised me with that infamous black issue. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I was afraid to peek inside. Maybe if I didn’t read it, he wouldn’t die after all. He did, and of course he came back… but for just a while, DC had everyone going.

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