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The next big thing { 1 }

I just realized today that this is a blog, and perhaps I should actually put some bloggerish things in here. So today I’ll be discussing my next project. Afterall, if I tell everyone on the internet tubes about it, I’m probably alot more likely to actually do it.

Anyway, I’m going to be doing some fanart from Joss Whedon’s Angel, and whilst doing that, also making a tutorial to show how I do things. It’ll be my first tutorial, and will cover everything from how I “sketch” in Photoshop, to the final coloring process. Hopefully I can keep the suckage to a minimum.

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  1. alison 24 October 2007 at 1:21 pm #


    i like your artwork, the tutorial sounds a good idea :) i’m the author of this site and i’ve added your blog as requested.

    happy art making :)



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