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On Deviantart { 1 }

I’m (kind of) featured on Deviantart for my fanart of Krevlornswath from Angel, played by recently deceased actor Andy Hallet.  Anyway, Deviantart put up a tribute page, and my Lorn portrait can be found on the bottom row.   Hint: it’s the one below. R.I.P. Lorn/Andy

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Only half mine… { 4 }

So I recently discovered a badass artist named Pat David, and I’ve been coloring an (unfinished?) piece he did.  I realized I haven’t posted anything I’ve colored with really good (as in not my own) lineart.  So Mr. David was awesome enough to let me post my full color version of… Wolverine! If I actually [...]

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Somebody needs to make… { 1 }

…A pressure sensitive touchpad.  Pressure sensitive in the way that I could use it in Photoshop instead of a WACOM tablet.  I know I’m probably one of the only ones that wishes for such a thing, but it doesn’t seem like that difficult of a concept…  most have a setting to adjust how much pressure [...]

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Colorist Quandry { 1 }

I absolutely love coloring other artist’s lineart.  I would totally do it for a living if I could.  Usually when I tell people that, they mostly just kinda furrow their brow, or smile politely; probably thinking “Well, anyone over 3 can color”. I heartily disagree, though explaining why can be difficult.  I guess it all [...]

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This is a Blog?? AKA Why the Hell not? { 0 }

So today’s my birthday, and while deciding to add a Twitter Widget, I realized it’s nearly been a year since I updated.  A year.  That’s not acceptable. To combat this severe writing lethargy and monumental lack of productivity, I’ve decided to *gasp* actually start blogging.  I figure maybe if I start talking about art related [...]

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